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New! Combine with a Family Holiday

before, during, after camp, on your own, or join an eco-cultural adventure guided by YL Staff + local friends

Meet like-hearted young changemakers in epic setting

newbie and advanced – warriors, planters, healers, sirens, weirdos, wonders, secret agents – from different countries (sooo amazing) –
for a magical time of learning, sharing, healing, celebration, bonding and teaming up for future action, in the spirit of 

Discover the Planet | Protect the Planet

with a casual mix of hiking, rafting, canyoning in majestic nature + true Lothlorien stuff : animal communication, sacred bodywork + vegan delights
global issues, planetary sciences, problem-solving, strategy, project development, partnerships, music and film production + life and surprises
Bring your own causes and challenges, too, and we will work on them together, backed by our global tribe.

Return home well equipped with new tools, friends, allies, plans + certificate, shirt, YL Camp Patch,
and new friends, connected via internet, pumped up for a new year of action.

Pave your Way to Camp !

We unite dedicated young people that live changemaking as their “sport” and priority. The key : being active in the Change Generation Rising leadership program and manage year-round fireworks of action at their school, with local youth, adult allies and global partners. We all have formed a team, have activated our schools and news media, work with hero*ines around the planet. The fact that we all know that we all share these experiences, tactics, tools and bold vision is a powerful foundation that unites us! So, when we meet at CAMP, we are all on a roll, part of the same Hogwarts family, we have walked through similar boss battles and are ready to TEAM UP for ever greater quests, together!

Can you imagine spending a week or even weeks together with such a crowd of changemaker athletes? What a bliss!

Whether newbie or award-winner, angel or beautiful beast – if this spirit lifts your HEART, you are welcome! Join the TRIBE!

If you are new to this, simply take the LEVEL UP! Crash Course! You’ll want to master all those moves anyway! Practice the basics, take action on favorite causes using free tools, tricks and support. As you unlock Warrior Level 1, you can apply for YL Camp. Questions? Get in touch.

Meet YL Staff AND Hero*ines

We’ve seen each other’s adventures unfold, we’ve met online and celebrated our breakthroughs.
At last we get to meet in person, to learn lore and master magic, team up for campaigns, uniting our forces across continents!

Plus : Our Hero*ines tour the continent for fun and workshops. Host and show them around your city, and give them a great time.

Imagine hosting Gandhi as a kid. That’s what this is. 

YL Volunteers welcome!

Meet your tribe, taking pleasant roles as supportive staff with ample time to relax, learn, converse and plan what’s next. *Free accomodation and meals.

Parents welcome!

at specific times and to specific camps – for a wonderful experience as adults and families. You’ll be taking pleasant roles as supportive staff, too.

Artists & Celebrities welcome!

Love to gift youth some magic, experience lovely time in a safe space, and learn how to help the young generation? Come on over!

This is a fantastic learning experience for hosting LEVEL UP! Crash Courses, meet-ups, partner projects back home.

Camps we Love

We encourage you to join them, too.


eco-social justice leadership training; + camps for adults


by WE, global issues and student clubs


for indigenous youth


with John D. Liu


transformational leadership for activists age 18+

We do a mix of all this, plus our own.

Earn Your Way to Camp

Got accepted? Sign up, and your adventure begins.

We think you shouldn’t have to pay for doing good for people and planet.

As a YL Warrior, you’re already activated, and have standing in your community. Now is the time for them to boost you. We see plenty of reasons for a city council, businesses and citizens to invest in you to attend camp, sharpen your skills, and to return empowered to bring about ever more positive changes in your community – especially if you pledge to activate more schools, mentor youth, take on specific challenges in your region. We provide you with tools to gain their backing.

Invitation to Camp

listing highlights of your upcoming camp of choice

Letter Of Support

why we believe in you, and call on funders to back you

Post-Camp Cooperation

We stay connected to help you do best for your region

On your return, report on your experience, share adventure stories and break news on new campaigns with your local crew, Adult Allies and media, apply what you have learned in workshops and for coaching peers, stay in touch with fellow campers in our online groups.

A rich life with awesome friends and open doors all over Earth awaits us. Let’s make it real together!

YL Warrior Camp Europe

Easter 2020 – registration closed

Summer 2020 – registration closed

Fall 2020, Winter 2020 – to be announced

Want to co-host a camp in your country?

Would you like a special theme camp?